Carol P 1

Carol P Fiber: Warp: 3/10 sport-weight wool (Mountain Color’s Weavers Wool worsted “Lady Slipper”). Weft: Pattern 1: 3/10 wool, used doubled (Jagger Spun heathered burgundy); Pattern 2: small loop boucle 80% mohair/20%silk (Fonti “Shangai”, navy); Tabby: 18/2 50% wool/50% silk (Jagger Spun Zephyr “Claret”)

Structure/Sett: Summer Winter, treadled as singles ; 10 epi, 3 yard warp, 48″ width

Caption: (example: Weaver A. Huck lace towel, cotton & Linen. Sett 24epi for housewarming gift): Carol Perenchio. Summer & Winter blanket. Wool warp, mohair/silk boucle & wool pattern blocks as alternating bands; Zephyr tabby. Sett 10 epi.

Comments: Pattern 1 wool was used doubled (thrown 2 shots as one pick), so used nylon embroidery thread as floating selvedges to catch doubled picks.
Pattern 2 boucle did not pucker or draw in.
Weft floats on back not visible until off loom – repaired prior to wet finish (delicate wash cycle 4 min in warm water & spun, air-dried flat).
Finished dimensions: length 68″ (not including 6″ plied fringe); width 39″.
Shrinkage: length 7.5%; width 2.5%