Carol P 4

Carol P Fiber
Item: Crackle Scarf

Fiber: Warp: 20/2 silk (Vijay Fibers “Staccato” cinnamon red) & nylon embroidery thread “Light Gold” (incidental ends).Weft: pattern 1: 20/2 silk (peacock blue); pattern 2: 20/2 silk (emerald green); tabby: 60/2 silk (orange red)

Structure/Sett: Polychrome crackle. 27 epi.

Caption: (example: Weaver A. Huck lace towel, cotton & Linen. Sett 24epi for housewarming gift): Carol Perenchio. Polychrome crackle scarf. Sett 27 epi.

Comments: 4-shaft loom. Width in reed 7-1/4 ”
Colorway order: blue/green/tabby. (replaced emerald green with magenta as borders for 2 treadling blocks, about 5 inches from each end).
Repeated block treadling eight times to create small blocks, with random block sequence changes.
Stayed with same pattern color order throughout (except for first and last magenta “borders”) so it wouldn’t look too busy.
Threaded and sleyed gold metallic nylon incidentals at each block change. Sleyed together with a silk end, and hung weighted over back beam.