Karen York:
Spring Table Runner
Fiber: 100% 8/4 cotton (Yes, carpet warp!)
Structure/Sett: Plain weave, straight draw, 15 epi, 15 dent reed, 4 yard warp
This is weaving kindergarten, or weaving for dummies. My desire was to weave some spring after a long, long, hard winter. I checked my ever-ready stash of carpet warp, and picked out the brightest, boldest colors I could find. I made the runner long enough to fit on both my antique tables. The kitchen table is 48″ x 60.” My dining room table is 48″ x 48.” It does what it was designed for: it certainly lights up a room.

Comments: After warping my loom, I experimented with weft colors. My plan was to use a light tan, but I found that just dulled the warp down. I tried the colors in the warp, but eventually settled for a natural. That seemed to bring up the colors and not get buried in the strong colors of the warp. I wove a 2″ hem of 8/2 unmercerized cotton in natural, then 72″ of the 8/4 unmercerized cotton in natural, then finished with the 8/2. When hand hemmed, the runner measured 72″ x 19. After wet finishing, it measured 60% x 17.”