Al N. Soft Yak scarf. Soft yak scarf, I was a little mislead by the name, as it’s 76% cotton, 15% yak, and 9% nylon. We’ve been told by our Dr. Kimber Baldwin (Fiber-Optic Yarn) that mixing cotton and wool in a yarn is not good as they tend to break down after a few years. I just grabbed the fiber, measured and warped it before I read the ball band. Knitting yarn so no grist on the label, wrapped at 24 per inch times .66 came our to sett of 15.84 so I used a 15 dent reed, which was maybe too tight. 35 step treadle sequence (advancing-declining twill) was tough to remember where I was On the loom 12.5 x 70 off the loom 11 x 64, white snowflake is back. Treadling errors more obvious on back than front. Selvedges still a little scalloping. Finished on the loom. Grey warp, red weft. Grey overwhelmed.