It’s Available/It’s Wanted

A Place to Buy & Sell Equipment

It’s Available/It’s Wanted is a service to Warp & Weft Weavers Guild members and website visitors. We list weaving items that are available for sale or swap. All of these items can be listed in our Monthly Newsletter, which we send to guild members, as well as being posted on this website.

Weaving by Annie Berssenbrugge.

Please make sure to review our It’s Available/It’s Wanted Policy at the bottom of the page. Last updated 9/22/2020

Be Cautious!

One of our members received an offer for an item on this page. This ‘offer’ was a typical internet scam, in which an out-of-state buyer offers/sends a check for more than the item listing price and writes “deposit the check & send them back the difference.” The buyer provides no information about who would pick up the item or when.

Always use care if you do not personally know the buyer. If someone you don’t know is coming to your home to view or pick up an item, ask a family member or friend to be present and if possible, move the item to a porch, deck, or garage location so strangers need not enter your home. Lock your doors while you are out showing the item.

It’s Available

Warping Board

Homemade warping board – 48″ x 24″, $45.

Please call Kathy at 847-204-9107.

Structo Artcraft Loom & Stand

Structo Artcraft table Loom on floor stand, 8-shaft, 20” weaving width, $400.

Please call Kathy at 847-204-9107.

Small Table Loom

Small 2-shaft table loom, 12” weaving width, $75.

Please call Kathy at 847-204-9107.

Bernat 131 Floor Loom

8-shaft, 10-treadle, 30-inch weave width, $600.

Please call Kathy at 847-204-9107.

45″ and 60″ Floor Looms

4-harness, 45-inch Cambridge for $600.

8-harness, 60-inch cherry Barbara 5 and its custom bench plus extras for $5500.

Contact Juanita.

It’s Available/It’s Wanted Policy

  1. Costs for newsletter or website postings are $15.00 each with or without a picture (prepaid) for one month or $25.00 each (prepaid) for three months for non-members. These charges help defray the WWWG costs.
  2. Make checks payable to ‘Warp & Weft Weavers Guild’.  Mail to: PO Box 666; Woodstock, IL 60098.    
  3. Weaving and spinning equipment only, no commercial ads. 
  4. Ads should be around 50 words or less. Include a square photo if possible.
  5. Ads need to be emailed to the Webmaster. Include price, make of loom, width, number of harness/treadles, and equipment that is being sold with the loom including reeds (with sizes), shuttles, warping boards, yarns, books or magazines, bench, etc. 
  6. State whether the loom will need to be picked up or can be shipped or delivered.
  7. Provide an email address or phone number where you would like to be contacted. If we place it on our Website, we need an email address. We do not publish telephone numbers or addresses on our website.
  8. Advise whether you want your listing in the newsletter, on the website, or both.
  9. Approval and posting of ads are at the discretion of Warp & Weft Weavers Guild.

Contact the Board President with questions and requests for listings.