Karen Y 2

Karen Y. Table runner.Item: Table Runner

Fiber: 8/4 carpet

Structure/Sett: Plain weave, set at 15 epi
Caption: I was asked to make a table runner for our grandson and family for a table he made from resourced barn wood. It is a large table, 41″ x 70,’ set in an open kitchen/dining room/living room, with windows on two sides. The house in decorated in Pinterest style, all grays, blacks, whites. I decided they need a dash of color, so I used strong colors, navy, purple, dark green, gold, yellow green, light blue in a stripe pattern. The weft is the purple, with a square in the middle of the runner mimicking the stripe pattern
The runner is set at 15 epi in a 15 dent reed, and has a ppi of 12.

Comments: I am pretty satisfied with the runner. After wet finishing it, it turned out to be 13″ x 60″ hemmed. It shrunk 6% in width and 12% in length. It is bold and rustic. I hope they like it. And it cost me $0.00, as everything came from my stash of the infamous carpet warp.