Pat B 43

Pat B variegated spruce sparkle sock yarn (75% SW Merino/20% Nylon/5% Stellina) and dyed avocado green sock yarns (75% SW Merino/25% Nylon) are from Kelly Montag of in Menomonee Falls WI. Also in the bag was a card from Karen Anderson at in Cambridge WI. I added teal blue 8/2 tencel for stability and color and wove with the variegated 8/2 tencel on the shuttle. The yarn pictured with the shuttle is all I have left of the 2 skeins. The scarf drew in about 1″ in the width and 3″ in length before washing and another 4″ in length after gentle washing in a garment bag. It was steam pressed with a pressing cloth while still slightly damp. It is very soft