Pat B:Warp 8/2 white and white slub from the woolery with red, light green, green, dark green, and yellow accents. The pin stripes are double threads, each in their own heddle. L-R: The towels with the red stripes were woven with the white slub. 22×30 off the loom. 18×26 after washing. The towels with the dark green stripes used to have red accents. The 3rd towel became a sampler. You are seeing the back side. Woven with a variety of slub yarns and experimented with some weft bands and accents with the 8/2. The 4th towel was woven with a double strand of fine natural white slub with a 2-bobbin shuttle. 22×33 off loom, 17 x 30 after washing. I laid in double thread pinstripes overlapping about 3″ in the wide bands every 11 picks. A bit of a pain to do but I like the look. I put in a wide band to match the wide color band in the warp. I washed a full inch wider than the rest of the towel. Teach me not to wash the sampler before weaving the final towel.