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 Fiber arts of the indigenous people of central Mexico.

From Connie A. Weaving in the Patzcuaro area of Michoacán Mexico.These are very poor people who have passed on their traditional skills since the early 1500s. They are called Purepechas and are indigenous to the Patzcuaro area of central Mexico. These are from a displayed in a State museum in Morelia.

Life Member memorial

SJ Woods

Sarah Jane Woods, 1938-2021

A long-time friend of weavers in the Northern-Illinois/Southern-Wisconsin area recently passed away.  Known affectionately as SJ, she was a charter member of Woodstock Weavers Guild and the Whitewater Spinners and Weavers Guild.  She was a skilled and talented knitter, spinner, weaver, teacher,  and shopkeeper.  

When SJ retired from teaching third grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Whitewater, she helped plan and hang their annual show displayed at the Crossman Gallery at UW-Whitewater.  They had entries from all over the world.  The first time I met another long time member, Rita Haganbrouch, was at that show.  She had just won Best of Show.  She convinced me that I should join the Woodstock Weavers Guild, which I did in 2002.  

When SJ retired from teaching, she bought an old one room schoolhouse near Richmond, Wisconsin.  She and her side-kick, Eleanor Coolidge, taught weaving, spinning, knitting, and all things fiber related.  The quaint little school house became Studio S.  It was crammed with treasures, including weaving fiber.  It became a fun destination, a warm, welcoming place to indulge our fiber fantasies.  Good-bye, SJ.  You are remembered. 

written by Karen York, friend and fellow Weaver