About the Warp & Weft Weavers Guild

We’ve been active in Woodstock, Illinois, since 1997 as the Woodstock Weavers Guild. In 2016, we changed our name to the Warp and Weft Weavers Guild.

Most of our members are located in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, though we have a few members in neighboring states. For carpooling, you can see an interactive map of members’ locations. Hovering over a bubble will show our member’s town.

Our weavers vary in experience with some very new weavers up through several professional weavers/instructors with decades of experience. If you have a weaving problem or question, one of our members will have the answer.

From September through May, we meet monthly at the McHenry County Farm Bureau in Woodstock, Illinois. Our meetings begin at 10:00 am, with some coffee & tea socializing at 9:30 am. Please see Location Maps for more details.

Our monthly meetings feature Programs on specific weaving topics covered by an outside expert or experienced guild member. We also have periodic short refreshers called After Hours about weaving topics that weavers find helpful. Both Programs and After Hours events are offered at no charge. We also have one or two in-depth multi-day Workshops each year on specific weaving topics or techniques that are offered at additional cost. Please see Events for more details.